Vintage Glider Club - Rendezvous from july 26th up to july 31st 2014

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Dear aviation fans and oldtimer glider enthousiasts,

beginning at july 26th, 2014 and ending at  july 31st, 2014 we will carry out the "Vintage Glider Rendezvous" at our airfield. Invited are all owners / pilots of historic sailplanes. We hope, you will enrich our event with as many types from various epoches of sailplane flying.

Of course non-flying visitors are welcome, as well!

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For our flying participants we present following important informations:

Participation Fee's:

  • Registration fee: 60 EUR per plane (one pilot already included),
  • 30 EUR for every further person and/or plane.

Registration fees will be collected via SEPA debit or can be transferred to us in advance. You will be contacted by our organization team after registration for further details. 

Included in the participation fee are following services:

Usage of the airfield-infrastructure, WLAN and electricity at our camp site, camp site fees and landing fees for your glider(s). The participation fee cannot be reimbursed!

We will collect following further fees:

  • winch towing: 6,50 EUR each,

  • aero tow (Super Dimona): 3,00€/min plus 3,50€ landing fee for tow plane,

  • aero tow  (Robin Regent): 4,00€/min plus 3,50€ landing fee for tow plane,

  • parking fee (inside our hangar): 2,50€ per plane and night (limited availability)

  • room in our club house: 5,00€ per night (limited availability)

  • Prices for breakfast, dinner etc. are depending on the number of participants and will be announced directly at the welcome briefing.

Information about our airfield:

  • approach information:

We will carry out the welcome briefing for all participants at july, 27th, 2014, 0800 UTC. Attendance is mandatory prior to first take off in Wilsche!

Alternative accomodation options:

Sightseeing options:

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